Dandy Alert: Seersucker Social Long Ride Photos available at wornmagazine.com

Official Seersucker Social 2012 long ride photographs are now available for purchase!  Visit the Worn Magazine blog to find out if your image was captured while riding by photographer Nicole Aguirre.  Nicole managed to get 156 beautiful images while being shuttled along the route via vespa. Non-watermarked hi-res images are only $10 and a percentage of proceeds will go toward the financing of future D&Q events. We will be showcasing 4 images... Read More

A Seersucker Sensation!

Ladies and Gentlemen, It was a true pleasure hosting this year’s Seersucker Social with Holly Bass and Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens. Thank you to those that came out in jaw-dropping styles that remind me of why this is all worthwhile. Thank you to Velocity Coop, The Daily Rider, St. Germain, Bar Pilar, Car2Go, an army of wonderful volunteers, our ride coordinator Sheba Farrin, Happenstance Theater for making us grin, Dandy Wellington... Read More

A Sunny Saturday is in the forecast for the Seersucker Social.

 Prepare yourself for a Sunny Saturday! Pictures below are from the 2011 Seersucker Social and were featured on the WornMagazine blog. Visit the site for more!    Read More

Feast your eyes on images from the Worn Magazine Photo Set

Photography  by Nicole Aguirre of Worn Magazine. Visit the Worn Magazine Blog for a sweet set of images.  Read More

TruthBeauty on display at the Phillips After 5

There is little more pleasing to a dandy  or quaintrelle than having the splendor of their appearance captured in a portrait.  To have it done in a pictorial fashion can present a most charming image. Pictorialism is the subject of the current exhibition at the Phillips Collection and is a form of visual imagery that appeared during the  late 19th century which was more whimsical than common photography known most. The images and excerpt below... Read More