Men: How to Pick Your Tweed Ride Clothes

For the guys out there gearing up for this Sunday’s ride, the majority of you fall into two camps: 1) The traditionalist. You revel in the finer things: barrel-aged whiskey, leather/suede (no synthetics!) elbow patches, honey brown Brooks saddles, knickerbockers, and books with pages that smell like musty libraries. You see this as your excuse to show off what you already have, and you figure: “Well, I dress like this anyway.” 2)... Read More

Tweed: A Pattern Primer

As far as quality names go, the best tweed can be traced to two of its most famous makers: Harris Tweed of Scotland and Donegal Tweed of Ireland. The closely-woven woolen fabric, known for its durability and resistance to moisture, was a mainstay for many outdoor activities such as shooting and hunting. In fact, stores like Orvis still carry tweed hunting gear originally designed for estate shooting — and offer customized services for both... Read More

Mister Crew Tackles London’s Tweed Run

The folks at Valet. found a great set of photos from blogger Mister Crew covering London’s annual Tweed Run. There, Savile Row’s Huntsman dressed its window to fit the mood of the occasion.  They also dug up a great flickr set from bicycleimages. You may find the perfect inspiration for your outfit — or discover a bike accessory you previously didn’t know about, but now absolutely need.  Read More