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Images below from Tracy Clayton for ReadySetDC. Visit ReadySetDC to take in more.  Read More

Retro Recap: ZESTFESTDC featuring D&Q

D&Q’s first retro bike show featured a modest number of bicycles as a part of the ZestFestDC event at the  Loree Grand Field on October 22. While short notice of the event prevented many vintage bicycle owners from pedaling their prized possessions to the show, 3 vintage Raleigh bikes arrived from  bicycle mechanic Paul Reighard’s collection. Others were displayed by a few collectors who appeared as the sun began to set on another... Read More

ZestFestDC: Bikes, Badminton and the Beatles

Dandies & Quaintrelles joins ReadySetDC to activate a space in the NOMA area. RSDC is bringing the badminton, D&Q  is bringing the bikes and everyone will have a chance to bring their best during a big screen Beatles Rock Band Competition. It’s this Friday Oct. 22nd. Come show off your retro bikes and plan to tease with just a bit of tweed. It’s an opportunity to inspire the uninitiated to join us this November for our second... Read More