The Bicycle: The Liberator and the Key to Leisure

Dandies prefer the bicycle. It’s an elegant machine with obvious merits yet is under appreciated for its importance in the shaping of key elements in modern society. A quick study on the history of the bicycle will yield knowledge of its initial impact on American culture. There are many reasons to celebrate its beauty and significance and it’s only fitting that the bicycle was the central element of the first event hosted by Dandies & Quaintrelles. The... Read More

Mister Crew Tackles London’s Tweed Run

The folks at Valet. found a great set of photos from blogger Mister Crew covering London’s annual Tweed Run. There, Savile Row’s Huntsman dressed its window to fit the mood of the occasion.  They also dug up a great flickr set from bicycleimages. You may find the perfect inspiration for your outfit — or discover a bike accessory you previously didn’t know about, but now absolutely need.  Read More