7 signs that your vintage fixation is taking over your life

1. You keep saying you will thin out your vintage clothing collection. It gets larger every month. 2. You can’t simply pass by a vintage shop because the owner knows you. He or she probably bought something recently at an estate sale with you in mind. 3. One look at the zipper, lining, claps or buttons and you know what year it was made. 4. You cried when you walked by Dr. K’s shop on U street and the sign was GONE. And just like that,... Read More

Seersucker style guide

The June 4th Seersucker Social is right around the corner; it’s time to get your garden party getup together! Not sure what to wear? Here are a few tips for the classy quaintrelle: The Basics If you aren’t sold on seersucker, or simply don’t have any on hand, look for pieces made from traditional summer fabrics like gingham, linen, chiffon and cotton eyelet. While black is always chic in New York, it’s a no-no at a proper garden party. Stick... Read More

Seersucker Prep: Mid-city Vintage & Pop-up Shopping

Seersucker Prep: Mid-city Vintage & Pop-up Shopping Map Are you still missing some essential items for the Seersucker Social? Are you not sure how to gear up for a D&Q retro cycling event? Not to worry, D&Q is teaming with select retailers and Marvin Bistro & Bar for an evening of Mid-City vintage and pop-up shopping for the Seersucker Social. Featured vintage clothing retailers include Junction, Ginger Root Design, Dr. K Vintage,... Read More