Upload your photos from our lucky 7th annual DC Tweed Ride.

    The day’s weather began with dreary rain clouds but cleared to offer picture perfect conditions. It was truly one of our best afternoon rides around some of our city’s finest sights. We’ve seen some stunning images from the day. Upload your favorite shots to our Flickr group photo pool! We love sharing your best photos in our promotions for future rides! This one is by Ibrahim Al-Qaabil of Hema Photos     Read More

7th Annual DC Tweed Ride: Registration is open and tickets to the party are on sale!

Three cheers for fall! October 25 is just a few short weeks away, so plan your look, tune up that vintage bike, and snag your ticket for the 7th annual DC Tweed Ride and Jazz-Age Jam at Roofers Union! Register for the ride and get your party tickets here!   *2014 DC Tweed Ride and Jazz-Age Jam photos by understand the vision  Read More

Register now for The 5th Annual DC Tweed Ride!

Register here, plan your look and meet us for our legendary day of bikes, style, smiles and celebration! Join us for DC’s most recognized fall event. We’ll start at surprise meeting place, cruise through the city and party in the most dandified way imaginable!  Our Bash will feature the legendary Dandy Wellington and his Band, Burlesque Sensation, “Medianoche,” Fidgety Feet Dancers, Food, Drinks and of course the most stylish... Read More

Men’s Summer Footwear: Raise the Bar

Finding stylish summer footwear can present something of a conundrum for men of a Dandiacal bent. While ladies have countless options to choose from, what is a gentleman of refined tastes to do? Luckily, there are a few choices available to us.   If you simply can’t get away from the feeling of the air between your toes, then a pair of leather sandals would likely suit you. There are numerous styles that display more or less of your foot and... Read More

Attention Dandies & Quaintrelles; You’re Better Than That.

The summer is upon us again, and the Washington heat promises to be as merciless as ever. This presents a problem for those of us who feel the need to walk around in style, regardless of the temperature. There are a number of stylish and acceptable options for summer footwear which I will highlight in subsequent posts, but for today’s missive I choose to point out some hot weather footwear the style conscious Dandy or Quaintrelle should eschew.... Read More

Saturday is Dandy Day in the Charm City

Dandies in the District, in Baltimore and everywhere in between should check out the Dandy Lion exhibit which has traveled from NY and Europe to Baltimore.  Saturday at the Reginald F. Museum has been programmed with happenings that should grab the interest of any well dressed gentleman. I’ve heard nice things about the exhibit and will be excited to see some familiar faces among the photos on display. Featured in the image below is none other... Read More

2010 Tweed Ride Itinerary

The ride this year will depart from  Lincoln Park located in Capitol Hill. Dandies & Quaintrelles is joined by the Capitol Hill Bid, the Fridge, BicycleSPACE, and the Bicycle House for pre-ride activities and entertainment. Upon arriving in Capitol Hill, your first stop should be at the Fridge where we’ll be accepting registration forms. You’ll have an opportunity to view art work on display by Graham Boyles titled “Thrive... Read More

Putting it all together: various takes on the tweed aesthetic

Whatever your aesthetic persuasion, be it authentically Victorian,  avant-garde, or steampunk sartorialist, there is a Tweed Ride look for you. Not sure which one suits your personal style? Check out these images from across the tweed-inspired fashion spectrum to get your creative juices flowing!  Read More

Men: How to Pick Your Tweed Ride Clothes

For the guys out there gearing up for this Sunday’s ride, the majority of you fall into two camps: 1) The traditionalist. You revel in the finer things: barrel-aged whiskey, leather/suede (no synthetics!) elbow patches, honey brown Brooks saddles, knickerbockers, and books with pages that smell like musty libraries. You see this as your excuse to show off what you already have, and you figure: “Well, I dress like this anyway.” 2)... Read More

Six weeks until the Seersucker Social. Date set for June 4.

The Seersucker Social from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.  Read More

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