Announcement of Winning Numbers for the Raffle Tickets!

Winning ticket numbers for the Linus Bicycle and Nau items were drawn at the BicycleSPACE before a small enthusiastic and hopeful group of people.  The winning tickets are: Ticket No 1: 778543 Ticket No 2: 778391 Ticket No 3: 778584 Ticket No 4: 778576 Ticket No 5: 778390 The top winning raffle ticket holder reporting to us wins the Linus Bicycle.  Winning ticket holders have until November 26 to contact us.  Wining prizes will be awarded in succession... Read More

Raffle Drawing, Free Beer & Jam Sessions @ the BicycleSPACE

The guys at the BiycleSPACE host a Music Jam Session every Thursday from 7pm until 10pm at their retail space on at 459 Eye Street N.W. We have about a keg’s worth of beer remaining from Sunday evening. We thought it would be a good idea to draw the winning tickets for the Linus Bikes and Nau items at the shop. We invite you to  help us finish the keg and to experience the BicycleSPACE Thursday music jam session. Drop by after 7. You don’t... Read More

2010 Tweed Ride Itinerary

The ride this year will depart from  Lincoln Park located in Capitol Hill. Dandies & Quaintrelles is joined by the Capitol Hill Bid, the Fridge, BicycleSPACE, and the Bicycle House for pre-ride activities and entertainment. Upon arriving in Capitol Hill, your first stop should be at the Fridge where we’ll be accepting registration forms. You’ll have an opportunity to view art work on display by Graham Boyles titled “Thrive... Read More

2010 Tweed Ride Giveaways from Nau

We are proud to announce our sponsorship from Portland-based clothing makers Nau for the 2010 Tweed Ride! Nau differentiates itself from other purveyors of performance gear by adhering to principles of sustainability and good design. In a world of gore-tex and techy fabrics, it’s easy to find yourself wondering if there’s a way you can be dapper while worrying about the moisture-wicking properties of your baselayer. Thankfully, Nau nails... Read More

Hendrick’s Gin: Appreciated Sponser of the Seersucker Social.

Images from flickr by 2010 Seersucker Social Attendees: Max Cook, Karon Flag & Matt Steenhoek. Hendrick’s Gin Brand Ambassador, Jim Ryan crafted his delicious summer cocktails for us again at the 2011 Seersucker Social. Mike Cherner of Mie N Yu  returned with a bar by the Adirondack Building at Hillwood Estates, Museum & Gardens. The two master mixologists have brought their expertise to the two previous Dandies & Quaintrelles... Read More

Putting it all together: various takes on the tweed aesthetic

Whatever your aesthetic persuasion, be it authentically Victorian,  avant-garde, or steampunk sartorialist, there is a Tweed Ride look for you. Not sure which one suits your personal style? Check out these images from across the tweed-inspired fashion spectrum to get your creative juices flowing!  Read More

Linus Bicycles: The little bike company that could.

After the Tweed Ride, we’re hosting a fashion show to present looks by local designers Junction, Ginger Roots Designs and Elizabeth Schalk. Over the past few months, we searched for a bicycle company interested in helping us pair elegant looks with elegant wheels.  Linus Bicycles fits the bill.  Inspired by French utilitarian bicycles of the 50′s and 60′s, they’re perfect for hitting the streets in style. We, at D&Q,... Read More

Retro Recap: ZESTFESTDC featuring D&Q

D&Q’s first retro bike show featured a modest number of bicycles as a part of the ZestFestDC event at the  Loree Grand Field on October 22. While short notice of the event prevented many vintage bicycle owners from pedaling their prized possessions to the show, 3 vintage Raleigh bikes arrived from  bicycle mechanic Paul Reighard’s collection. Others were displayed by a few collectors who appeared as the sun began to set on another... Read More

ZestFestDC: Bikes, Badminton and the Beatles

Dandies & Quaintrelles joins ReadySetDC to activate a space in the NOMA area. RSDC is bringing the badminton, D&Q  is bringing the bikes and everyone will have a chance to bring their best during a big screen Beatles Rock Band Competition. It’s this Friday Oct. 22nd. Come show off your retro bikes and plan to tease with just a bit of tweed. It’s an opportunity to inspire the uninitiated to join us this November for our second... Read More

Six weeks until the Seersucker Social. Date set for June 4.

The Seersucker Social from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.  Read More

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