Car2Go joins the Seersucker Social as a sponsor!

Car2Go has joined as a sponsor of the 2012 Seersucker Social.  You’ve seen those little blue and white smart cars around town.  They make great sense for those who see the bicycle as a primary means of transportation and choose not to own a car.  If you occasionally need four wheels to reach your destination, consider a membership to DC’s newest car sharing program. ... Read More

Announcement of Winning Numbers for the Raffle Tickets!

Winning ticket numbers for the Linus Bicycle and Nau items were drawn at the BicycleSPACE before a small enthusiastic and hopeful group of people.  The winning tickets are: Ticket No 1: 778543 Ticket No 2: 778391 Ticket No 3: 778584 Ticket No 4: 778576 Ticket No 5: 778390 The top winning raffle ticket holder reporting to us wins the Linus Bicycle.  Winning ticket holders have... Read More

What to wear to the Tweed Ride: A guide for the dapper dame

Are you in need of a little tweedspiration for next Sunday’s Tweed Ride? Fear not fellow quaintrelles! We’ve got you covered. Don’t have an ankle skimming Victorian lace gown on hand? Not to worry. You can create an elegant modern vintage ensemble by mixing your fall work wardrobe with vintage inspired accessories. With a few artfully assembled layers, well-tailored pieces,... Read More

My Name is ________ and I’m a Junction Junkie.

A green double breasted slim-fit leather coat made in Hong Kong was my first find at Junction a few years ago.  Since then, I’ve made enough visits to the shop to know that the male dress forms the manager sets out on the sidewalk are my size. I can eyeball a blazer set on one while cruising down U St. and know in an instant if the piece belongs in my collection. Store manager... Read More

Retro Recap: ZESTFESTDC featuring D&Q

D&Q’s first retro bike show featured a modest number of bicycles as a part of the ZestFestDC event at the  Loree Grand Field on October 22. While short notice of the event prevented many vintage bicycle owners from pedaling their prized possessions to the show, 3 vintage Raleigh bikes arrived from  bicycle mechanic Paul Reighard’s collection. Others were displayed... Read More

Harris Tweed x Nike Vach Pack

The folks at SneakerFiles today posted a look at some purple tweed kicks courtesy of an upcoming collaboration between Harris Tweed and Nike. The shoes will debut under what’s being called the “Vach Pack” and will be available at retailers with a Nike Quickstrike account.  Read More

A Word from Sir E. Channing

Welcome to the new home of Dandies & Quaintrelles. You may have arrived here due to your involvement or interest in our retro styled bike rides. You may have been referred to our site from a friend with a curious taste for the style of a bygone era. Your stop here might have been purely accidental and unplanned? Whatever your reasons, we hope you enjoy your time spent with... Read More

The Bicycle: The Liberator and the Key to Leisure

Dandies prefer the bicycle. It’s an elegant machine with obvious merits yet is under appreciated for its importance in the shaping of key elements in modern society. A quick study on the history of the bicycle will yield knowledge of its initial impact on American culture. There are many reasons to celebrate its beauty and significance and it’s only fitting that the bicycle... Read More

Mister Crew Tackles London’s Tweed Run

The folks at Valet. found a great set of photos from blogger Mister Crew covering London’s annual Tweed Run. There, Savile Row’s Huntsman dressed its window to fit the mood of the occasion.  They also dug up a great flickr set from bicycleimages. You may find the perfect inspiration for your outfit — or discover a bike accessory you previously didn’t know... Read More