Seersucker style guide

The June 4th Seersucker Social is right around the corner; it’s time to get your garden party getup together! Not sure what to wear? Here are a few tips for the classy quaintrelle: The Basics If you aren’t sold on seersucker, or simply don’t have any on hand, look for pieces made from traditional summer fabrics like gingham, linen, chiffon and cotton eyelet. While black is... Read More

Seersucker Prep: Mid-city Vintage & Pop-up Shopping

Seersucker Prep: Mid-city Vintage & Pop-up Shopping Map Are you still missing some essential items for the Seersucker Social? Are you not sure how to gear up for a D&Q retro cycling event? Not to worry, D&Q is teaming with select retailers and Marvin Bistro & Bar for an evening of Mid-City vintage and pop-up shopping for the Seersucker Social. Featured vintage... Read More

Seen at the Seersucker Social

Visit the 2010 Seersucker Social Flickr Pool to check out images from last years event. ( Featured Image taken by Jim Darling.)  Read More

TruthBeauty on display at the Phillips After 5

There is little more pleasing to a dandy  or quaintrelle than having the splendor of their appearance captured in a portrait.  To have it done in a pictorial fashion can present a most charming image. Pictorialism is the subject of the current exhibition at the Phillips Collection and is a form of visual imagery that appeared during the  late 19th century which was more whimsical... Read More

“Betweed You and Me ” – A D&Q Tweed Party & Post Ride Celebration

“Betweed You and Me ” – A Post Ride Celebration. D&Q is bringing Dandy Wellington and his House of Boots production company from NYC to provide top notch retro style entertainment to follow a vintage bicycle-inspired fashion show featuring local designers and vintage shops.  Relax after the tweed ride as the music of Drew Nugent and the Midnight Societys’... Read More

Capital Crescent Trail Halloween Ride

Title: Capital Crescent Trail Halloween Ride Location: Starts at the City Bikes Parking Lot in ChevyChase, MD. Link out: Click here Description: It’s a Halloween event featuring a ride on a long dark scary bike trail.What could be better? Date: 2010-10-31  Read More

ZestFestDC: Bikes, Badminton and the Beatles

Dandies & Quaintrelles joins ReadySetDC to activate a space in the NOMA area. RSDC is bringing the badminton, D&Q  is bringing the bikes and everyone will have a chance to bring their best during a big screen Beatles Rock Band Competition. It’s this Friday Oct. 22nd. Come show off your retro bikes and plan to tease with just a bit of tweed. It’s an opportunity... Read More

Happenstance Theatre: A very good reason to visit Silver Spring this month!

Happenstance Theatre’s production of  ” Handbook for Hosts” was featured this summer as part of the Fringe Festival. I consider myself fortunate to have invested an evening with the company and quickly became a fan. I’m sorry if you happen to love old film noir flicks and missed “Handbook for Hosts.”  I would recommend their upcoming production... Read More