Vintage rides available at Velocity Bicycle Cooperative



Visit Velocity Bicycle Cooperative in Alexandria, tomorrow, if you need an inexpensive used bike for Sunday’s ride and want to have something of your own to get you around town.

The crew will be on hand this Sunday to help with last minute bike adjustments. If nearly flat tires, a dry chain and a little fender rub are slowing down your steed, Velocity can help you sort it out.


Amalgamated Classic Clothing and Dry Goods is only a few doors down. Score a some vintage gear while you are in the area.


Simple style pointers for first timers: For the Gentlemen

Presenting a few pointers for guys consider joining the DC Tweed Ride for the first time but admit to complete sartorial cluelessness. Hint: make an effort!

Behold the simple sweater…


Never ever wear a suit? Don’t own one and won’t buy one? T-shirts under slouchy sweaters are the antithesis of what this event is about. It says, “I hardly bothered to dress for this but didn’t want to miss something that seems special.” Avoid looking like an event tourist and be part of what’s happening! Opt for something more fitted and widely available in any fashion-focused retail store.  Consider an updated shawl collar wool sweater or cardigan over a button up with a tie. Add period head wear and some slim fit twill slacks and presto. You belong!


Own a few suits you bought more than a few years ago? Lose them. Chances are they don’t fit well at all and will have you looking like a random bureaucrat on a bike. Retailers that aren’t targeting your father’s generation have updated their approach to suiting. Don’t want to splurge on an entire suit? Consider a tweed jacket.  Pair it with jeans and you’ll be able to get plenty of use out of it after the ride if you don’t mind looking well dressed.

Want to update your look in general and go all out for a fall suit?

1-tweed suit

Owning a great suit can be a much smaller investment than you think. Current off-the-rack suits by retailers such as Suit Supply and Gant feature throwback-inspired fabrics with a tailored look.  Appear as someone who is in step with current trends and own something that will always be a classic.  It’s really a great time to invest in menswear at affordable prices.

Remember that what makes the DC Tweed Ride so special is the thoughtful approach to style people bring to the event.   I’ve heard people say they were embarrassed at how little effort they put into dressing when they arrived and I’ve also seen folks who simply showed up and should have been embarrassed to be there.  Respect what attracted you to the DC Tweed Ride and contribute to the celebration with purpose!


Need tweed? Vintage recommendations for the guys.

On the hunt for vintage tweed menswear?  Having trouble locating the perfect tweed jacket for the upcoming ride? Simply want to add new options to your closet? There are plenty of local specialists to help you.

Offerings below are from Brown & Williams

1 tweed coats

Brown and Williams Clothiers are the new guys on the block.  If you’ve visited D.C. Flea in the past month, you had to notice the two best dressed clothiers in the market.  Howard Brown has been a regular at D&Q events and has a great eye for menswear. If you are craving a pair of plus fours for the ride this year, be sure to get in touch with them.

Rock it Again Vintage has been setting up impressive racks of tweed coats at Eastern Market for years. They’ve got plenty of sizes and patterns to choose from. See something you like online?  Call them about it and plan a visit to Capitol Hill this weekend. Menswear enthusiast, Clint can eyeball your coat size in an instant and have you slide into something you’ll want to sport all of the time.

Dr K_90

Dr. K’s Vintage on U Street is a must visit for vintage Harris Tweed pieces as well as odds and ends that will have you pulling out your credit card faster can you say “Man this store is awesome!”  Somkiat (above in the shawl-collared sweater) has no time to run a website because when he’s not offering you a beer in his shop and sharing his finds, he’s on the road hunting for unique pieces in the smallest country towns.

Junction Vintage is another shop on U street that brings out the tweeds this time of year. Shannan and Meg helped style the Tweed Ride fashion show at our second tweed ride (see photos below). Smile sheepishly and whisper something about the tweed ride at their register and they may offer a discount.

1 FS



There’s a storm brewing…

…and it’s the sound of Dandy Wellington and his Band.  Catch him on November 4th at the DC Tweed Ride Bash at Brixton.

“Inspired by the Big Band Era of Jazz, Dandy Wellington and his Band have taken the sounds of the 1930′s and 40′s and created a world of well dressed music. With a passion for obscure songs steeped in the Jazz tradition, Dandy Wellington has assembled a catalog of music that invokes an atmosphere of class. From the golden age of cinema, to the bounce of New Orleans, each song is hand selected and played to perfection by a band cut from the cloth of elegance.”

We’re excited to have Brixton host this years Tweed Ride celebration.  It’s the hottest new spot on U Street should provide the perfect setting for us. Tickets are moving fast.  Don’t get caught outside when the storm hits! Less than 60 tickets remain.




Dandy Alert: Seersucker Social Long Ride Photos available at

Official Seersucker Social 2012 long ride photographs are now available for purchase!  Visit the Worn Magazine blog to find out if your image was captured while riding by photographer Nicole Aguirre.  Nicole managed to get 156 beautiful images while being shuttled along the route via vespa.

Non-watermarked hi-res images are only $10 and a percentage of proceeds will go toward the financing of future D&Q events. We will be showcasing 4 images per day this week on the D&Q blog.  If you spot someone you know, tell them where they can find their photo.  If you see yourself, pat yourself on the back for looking amazing.

To see and purchase long ride photos click here to visit the  Worn Magazine blog.