7 signs that your vintage fixation is taking over your life


1. You keep saying you will thin out your vintage clothing collection. It gets larger every month.

2. You can’t simply pass by a vintage shop because the owner knows you. He or she probably bought something recently at an estate sale with you in mind.

3. One look at the zipper, lining, claps or buttons and you know what year it was made.

the guys

4. You cried when you walked by Dr. K’s shop on U street and the sign was GONE. And just like that, you have no other reason to be on U Street on a Friday night.

5. Even YOU know you have too many old bikes. What other people say never matters.


6. You got to DC Flea as early as possible when it was here so people would not buy what was meant for you, and only you. You wished more people bought stuff at DC Flea so that it didn’t have to die.  You’re thinking of a petition aren’t you?


7. You can’t show up on Sunday wearing the same look you rocked at last year’s tweed ride. You might just have to head to one of these shops on Saturday after brunch:


Junction Vintage

Polly Sue’s


Nomad Yard Collectiv

Rock it Again (Find them at Eastern Market)

Brown and Williams Clothiers




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