Vintage themed cabaret is a dark delight


The DC Tweed Ride has passed and the extended re-mix that was 2013 Holloween week had finally ended.  Avoid post  festivities depression and treat yourself to Happenstance Theater’s  fourth edition of Cabaret Macabre.  I’ve been lucky enough to catch two seasons and I really enjoyed both!

Michael R. Kelly of had this to say about this year’s production…

“Happenstance Theater’s 4th Annual All-New Cabaret Macabre is an absolutely lovely show for this time of the year: a little spooky, a lot of whimsy, and plenty of morbid humor to keep you laughing throughout the evening of their brand new and fan favorite vaudeville sketches.

Drawing inspiration from the illustrator Edward Gorey, Victorian nightmares and popular music of the time, this marvelous ensemble explores the darker sides of human existence with just enough scrutiny to intrigue its audience, but orchestrated succinctly as to not dwell on the heavy stuff.”

Mark Jasper and Sabrina Mandell have performed at D&Q Seersucker Socials and post Tweed Ride parties and you’ll love their vintage inspired approach to theater.

There are only 5 performances left before they take the show to New Orleans. Get tickets and see it before its gone!



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