Men’s Summer Footwear: Raise the Bar

Finding stylish summer footwear can present something of a conundrum for men of a Dandiacal bent. While ladies have countless options to choose from, what is a gentleman of refined tastes to do? Luckily, there are a few choices available to us.


If you simply can’t get away from the feeling of the air between your toes, then a pair of leather sandals would likely suit you. There are numerous styles that display more or less of your foot and toes, depending on your tastes. One thing to remember; never let your leather accessories like your belt clash with your sandals, black with black, brown with brown and so on.

Another option can be found in espadrilles. In recent years American men have been turned on to this canvas and hemp slip- on shoe that men in the south of Europe have worn for centuries. They have a simple, timeless design that looks as good on the street today as it did on shepherds hundreds of years ago. Traditionally made in black, modern designers offer them in a wide range of patterns and colors. Furthermore, they are lightweight, breathable and dry out quickly, which makes them well suited to the beach or the pool.

Finally, my preferred summer footwear is to sport a great comfy pair of loafers or moccasins Cuban style, which is to wear them sans socks. Some people may balk at this, but it is really the most stylish option for those of us who care about our footwear. The loafer is itself a casual shoe, but with all the style of a proper dress shoe. They are the original “slip- on” shoe. To wear them without socks is liberating and easy to accommodate. A few pointers though, only try this with a well worn pair of loafers, as trying to break in a fresh pair will only leave you with blisters. Over time the leather in your loafers molds to the unique shape of your feet and can be even more comfy than when you wear them with socks. Also, if you don’t already know this trick, sprinkle a little Gold Bond talc or baby powder in the shoe before you put it on. My favorite brand is Pinaud talc, and I use it year round.

When you sprinkle a little into your favorite pair of loafers, it will keep your feet fresh and combat any perspiration while at the same time making it feel like you are walking on clouds.

Here I’ve listed only a few of the more stylish options, but they are proof that comfort does not have to be sacrificed when looking for stylish summer footwear. Challenge yourself to get out of your flip- flops today…

(Photo of the author in his favorite summer loafers.)


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