Diz and Izzy Aster, the specatular vaudeville duo, are ready to entertain us this Sunday.

Izzy Aster performed the sweetest rendition of Gershwin’s “Summertime” for us at the 2011 Seersucker Social He performed his delightful number  with a bow and a wood cutting saw.  It nearly went without a hitch.

Izzy had a few problems at the start of his routine and provided us with more than a few laughs as he began his brilliant act. Unfortunately, he had to perform that day without his better half. Due to a travel mishap in Poughkeepsie, Diz could not make it to the Seersucker Social but she has promised us she would be join her lesser half for a performance at Smith Commons  during the 2011  DC Tweed Ride Celebration.  She ensures all will go perfectly well!


We’re in for a real treat this Sunday!


In the tradition of Burns & Allen, Ball & Arnaz, Seeley & Fields, this offbeat couple brings their baggage to the stage in harmonies from Between-the-Wars and cheery songs of the Great Depression.  Slapstick comedy, ukulele and musical sawin in a sweet little music hall show.

“...the dual charisma of Mark Jaster and Sabrina Mandell—here, Izzy and Diz Aster, respectively—Happenstance mines the physical idioms of Marceau, Chaplin, and Harpo Marx to produce a wildly loopy, fourth-wall-busting show that offers its audience a reprieve from the economic doldrums.“  - The Washington Post


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