The Official D&Q White Nights Style Guide

We believe that style has as much to do with how you spend your time as it does with what you wear. Naturally, we have some thoughts on how you might like to spend a few hours in the park after our ride.  Imagine a Friday night away from nightclubs, dive bars, trendy lounges, your Netflix queue and your Facebook News Feed. You’ll be spending some of it on a two wheeled jaunt and some of it relaxing during our picnic in a moonlit park.  What on Earth shall you do with yourself? We will be surrounded by friends and new faces, cool breezy air and plenty of smiles. If you aren’t smiling, you might be doing something wrong!

Aside from wearing white or very light colors, anything goes! We won’t dare tell you how to dream! Be as creative or as low key as you like. A thoughtful effort is always appreciated and well coordinated look may get you noticed by admiring eyes. A wacky get-up may even invoke laughter and we would wholeheartedly approve! No particular era of dress is being referenced for this occasion. The emphasis in this guide is on how to relax and have fun in whatever you wear.

Consider Bocce, outdoor bowling, Frisbees, Checkers, Playing Cards, Picnic Blankets and a little something to pack some spirits among other treats for a new experience with new friends. If your sources of amusement have mostly been pixel-dependent and none of these items are sitting around your home,  order something fun today for use this Friday night.

If you are not a cyclist but want to contribute something special to the night, bring a fun game with prizes or treats to the park where our ride ends. We should arrive between 10pm and 10:30pm. The Full Moon Outing is what we all choose to make of it. Remember to register and to check often for Blog, Facebook & Twitter updates.  See you soon!

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