Calling all night owls! Calling all dreamers! Our next ride takes place on the moonlit side.

July 8th information update with registration link below :

On the full moon night of July 15, 2011, you are invited to join us for our first ever night time bicycle ride. The series “White Nights” was inspired by the idea of traveling throughout the city at night and of the act giving without the need for reciprocation. During our ride through the city we will pass out handmade gifts to strangers. We will share with them the beautiful sounds of vocalists and musicians who accompany us via pedicab. We will light up the night with all sorts of enchanting illuminated objects. Our ride will end at a public park where we will relax under the moonlight, enjoy song and music and the indulge in the edible treats we bring along.

The Hamiltonian Gallery on U street will provide space for a craft making workshop to be held on July 12th between 6:30pm and 8pm. Join us and help us craft the gifts we intend to distribute along the White Nights Full Moon Outing. We will provide instruction and all the supplies needed. We will be constructing items like tissue paper flowers and origami figures in large numbers to hand out to the riders who join us on the full moon night.

The White Nights event will be slightly different than other D&Q bicycle rides. While the mission of pure joy and amusement remains, the look will be decidedly more dreamlike.  Let your imagination lead your sartorial choices.  Think of light colors, breezy fabrics and whatever playful childlike accessories that fit the theme and are usually deemed most inappropriate for adulthood.  We will consider silliness a virtue and creativity a welcome blessing.  If you’ve been to the Burning Man festival in Nevada, reference those experiences and help us redefine D.C. nights.  If you long for the chance to play, pretend and explore the moonlit side of our city, this ride is for you!  If you are an artist with some wild ideas to contribute to our theme, contact us!

The afterparty is a night time picnic where you bring your talents and imagination in an effort to help us create an inspired experience. We encourage you to bring refreshments and tasty treats to enjoy and share with new friends. We will provide more information on our ride destination as July 15  approaches.

Complete our on-line form to register help us with some basic information about who will be attending the ride and the workshop.  It will also provide us with an opportunity to contact you and learn of your creative ideas and abilities.  If we can incorporate them into the ride and planned picnic activities, we would like to know.

We are looking forward to a fresh experience designed to kindle new friendships and allow for unrestricted kindness. We do hope you can join us!

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Dandies & Quaintrelles is pleased to announce our first nocturnal jaunt. We invite you to ride with us during a full moon outing.  On July 15, inspired by Fyodor Dostoevsky’s short story, “White Nights,” we will gather at dusk and seek to discover the dreamier side of D.C.  Bring your bicycle and your imagination.  We’ll carry with us small gifts symbolizing big dreams.  We’ll deliver tokens intended for strangers and travel with songbirds to serenade our neighbors throughout the night.  We request you wear something that’s white as we fancy a journey including sentiments that feel quite right.

(The promotional design for this event was created by Carolyn Sewell)

3 Responses to “Calling all night owls! Calling all dreamers! Our next ride takes place on the moonlit side.”
  1. Toren says:

    Cool event.

    Good job on the promotional design Carolyn. Cyclist approved!

  2. Masse says:

    What about us people that are not on Face Book how do we RSVP.

    • Eric Channing says:

      Not to worry! The Facebook event RSVP should help us estimate the number of people planning to attend. In the weeks before the event we will collect
      participant info through a simple on-line registration form that will be shared via our blog.