Raffle Drawing, Free Beer & Jam Sessions @ the BicycleSPACE

The guys at the BiycleSPACE host a Music Jam Session every Thursday from 7pm until 10pm at their retail space on at 459 Eye Street N.W. We have about a keg’s worth of beer remaining from Sunday evening. We thought it would be a good idea to draw the winning tickets for the Linus Bikes and Nau items at the shop. We invite you to  help us finish the keg and to experience the BicycleSPACE Thursday music jam session. Drop by after 7.

You don’t have to be present at the drawing to collect your prize if you have a winning ticket. We will draw 5 winning tickets for the Linus bike and  for each Nau item. We’ll post the winning numbers on the site for the winners to contact us.   The wining raffle tickets will be listed from 1 to 5. The top winning raffle ticket holder reporting to us wins the Linus Bicycle.  All ticket winners have 5 business days to contact us. Wining prizes will be awarded in succession to reporting raffle ticket holders.  Eventbrite ticket holders to the Tweed Ride party will be selected at random for any unclaimed prizes.

The prizes will be awarded as follows:

1. Linus Bicycle

2. Nau Riding Jacket Size L

3. Nau Riding Jacket Size M

4. Nau Scarf

5. Nau Scarf

6. Nau storage pouch

One Response to “Raffle Drawing, Free Beer & Jam Sessions @ the BicycleSPACE”
  1. jmc39 says:

    Any updates on the winning raffle numbers?