Announcement of Winning Numbers for the Raffle Tickets!

Winning ticket numbers for the Linus Bicycle and Nau items were drawn at the BicycleSPACE before a small enthusiastic and hopeful group of people.  The winning tickets are:

Ticket No 1: 778543

Ticket No 2: 778391

Ticket No 3: 778584

Ticket No 4: 778576

Ticket No 5: 778390

The top winning raffle ticket holder reporting to us wins the Linus Bicycle.  Winning ticket holders have until November 26 to contact us.  Wining prizes will be awarded in succession to reporting raffle ticket holders.  Eventbrite ticket holders to the Tweed Ride party will be selected at random for any unclaimed prizes.

The prizes will be awarded as follows:

1. Linus Bicycle

2. Nau Riding Jacket Size L

3. Nau Riding Jacket Size M

4. Nau Scarf

5. Nau storage pouch

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