Hats. Hats. Hats.

Tears have formed in my bespectacled eyes for a fine dandy depot, Proper Topper, is closing its Georgetown location this weekend. Whilst on a hunt for a spaceman style watch in 2002, I discovered Anna Fuhrman’s well-curated store which has since become one of my essential outfitting posts, stocking hats by Gorin Brothers and other fine accessories. I’ve spotted a few fine lids on her website that could top you off nicely for the Tweed Ride.  Read about her in the Georgetown Metropolitan to get her take on the importance of supporting local businesses.

I spoke with Anna last winter about boutiques in the Etsy era. An independent business owner since 1990, Anna opened her Georgetown store in 2001 after success in Capitol Hill and Dupont Circle. She knows a thing or two about catering fine wares to local shoppers, but having to compete these days with online businesses means having to make difficult decisions. Amazing deals are a joy to discover but so are the people you can get to know while frequenting their establishments.

Anna will have warm apple cider on her charming side patio and is offering an extra 10% off her sale prices for those who announce themselves as Dandies or Quaintrelles. If you haven’t yet scheduled your autumn walk along the side streets of Georgetown, make haste.

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