Harris Tweed x Nike Vach Pack

The folks at SneakerFiles today posted a look at some purple tweed kicks courtesy of an upcoming collaboration between Harris Tweed and Nike. The shoes will debut under what’s being called the “Vach Pack” and will be available at retailers with a Nike Quickstrike account.

3 Responses to “Harris Tweed x Nike Vach Pack”
  1. Amber says:

    I have a pair of shoes that are more fabulous than these that I bought in Belgium about 9 years ago. The downside is they are entirely covered in tweed, and developed holes in the material (but not the leather underneath) right above the big toes. Any suggestions on where or if these could be repaired?

  2. Jian says:

    Depending on how big the holes are and the way in which the shoe is covered, patching them may be possible, but it’s not going to look perfect. I kind of like things that way though. Fender, who covers some of their amps in tweed, sells patches, but you should probably consult a tailor or cobbler as far as getting it done professionally.

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