A Word from Sir E. Channing

Welcome to the new home of Dandies & Quaintrelles. You may have arrived here due to your involvement or interest in our retro styled bike rides. You may have been referred to our site from a friend with a curious taste for the style of a bygone era. Your stop here might have been purely accidental and unplanned? Whatever your reasons, we hope you enjoy your time spent with us.

Dandies & Quaintrelles (D&Q) is a social club based out of Washington D.C. Founded in 2009 in a city as serious as the nation’s capital, we delight in staging not so serious activities designed to delight. D&Q is a club without a membership list, dues,  rules or meetings. Our members are simply interested in a subscription to a better life. We understand the benefits of investing the most we can afford in things and activities that bring about joy and fulfillment. A life lived well is beautiful and that beauty can be evident in the celebration of exceptional personal style, leisurely experiences, acts of kindness. We seek to encourage a pronounced and unmistakable state of happiness.

We are fortunate to have, at our fingertips, access to a wealth of memorable experiences of those who have lived before us. We hope it results in a life of style which reflects our desire to curate a personal existence that involves a conscious selection of influences relative to our means. It is our goal to realize the ultimate value of our lives through our curiosity and the act of research and discovery leading to an enlightened curatorial process of purposeful engagement.

The new Dandies & Quaintrelles website is presented as an anti-treatise on this process of living. As life involves accident, chance as well as purpose, the site is dedicated to the beauty of organic discovery, the wonder of coincidental influence and the pursuit of style. We invite all who identify with this pursuit to share and contribute your discoveries, anecdotes and passionate views on the path of redemption through style!

3 Responses to “A Word from Sir E. Channing”
  1. Caroline says:

    The new site looks smashing!

  2. Linda Graves says:

    Ah, intriguing venture. And there is a community in DC that dances an elegant form of swing from the 1930′s called Balboa, so your dance event afterwards may be of interest to those dancers who enjoy vintage dancing and dress. Cheers for doing this!

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